Friday, September 5, 2014


Some family photos. I may have posted these before, but what the heck.

My grandfather, Jaroslav Chmilewsky, with his wife and daughters. My mother, Lydia, is on the right next to her father, and my aunt, Marijka, is on the left. Picture probably taken in Baltimore around 1950.

Undated photo, likely mid 1950s. My mom is in right hand corner; my aunt in shift in front between her mom and a little girl who I don't know. I also do not remember the woman or boy standing in front of the Christmas tree. It might be Andrei Chornodolsky, but my family will have to write me about it.

The next two pictures are part of my family that I really didn't get to know, my mother's cousin George (I think) and his wife Oxana.

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