Friday, October 3, 2014


What a really pleasant evening for the arts in downtown Columbia last night, temperate breezes under clear skies. Accompanied by my youngest, I wandered about Main Street in search of beauty and fun. Popped in to a poetry reading/musical performances ala Mind Gravy at Free Times. Chilled with two different djs at their respective posts. Enjoyed a little sorbet (although I thought the mango flavor a bit week, almost wondering if they hadn't scooped some sort of melon). Really liked the young rock band performing near COWBOY. Saw lots of friends and others I know, and that is always nice. My son looked up at me and asked, "You know all these people?" Had a lovely chat with one of the Flannigan twins, Pat. Got to meet Imp's brother (owned by Desirae). Several coworkers were in attendance. It seemed like there was a good crowd, and the restaurants seemed full for the most part, while many folks I talked to said they went to nearby places and walked over.

Gripes? Yeah, I got those too. I really did not like anything about the Tapps art show this night. I kept thinking. . ."Are they celebrating homeless eight-year-old artists this week?" Very underwhelmed was I. Even Chimo said he hated it. But hey, different tastes, right? I also was a little bummed by the close proximity of musical performers, their sounds bleeding into one another, in some cases becoming almost co0mpeting duets. I often had to maneuver so I could block out one group so I could concentrate on another. They really need to spread them out; I felt crowded. Maybe move the jewelry and other items venders to the middle of the street, or shut off the street and push people to walk more down the center of the street. And prettier lighting would be nice.


  1. Sounds like fun! Too bad about the music though... maybe you can give them feedback for next time.

  2. Just stopping by to say hello :)