Friday, October 31, 2014


If you like really good photography you should check out the work of Pei Ketron on Instagram (Penelope's Loom). Her nature and architectural shots are particularly good, as she is a master at capturing beautiful patterns. I met her online in Goodreads many years ago, before she took off as a photographer, but have happily followed her career through her website. I am amazed National Geographic or some other big outfit hasn't snapped her up (although in this update, she has made a splash in an American Express advertising campaign and has been getting more corporate clients), although she may prefer being independent. Her background is quite interesting, as have been her travels. I think anyone who appreciates photography would enjoy her stuff. You can see some of it at:

I composed this little ditty in her honor.


Words are captured with the light,
she’s one of those with frozen sight
who grabs a view and holds it still
with perfect angle, superb skill;
she masters most the curved line,
interior sight photographed fine,
whether by nature or human hand,
some sublime wall or misted land,
rays bent through a forest patch,
myriad waters those lens do catch,
sometimes her shots are whimsical,
but always fresh . . . and beautiful.

I also have another friend, Rebecca Teagan, who takes nice nature shots, though not as prolific as Pei. She has a blog on this network. See my friends. She writes good poetry, too.

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  1. Really nice of you to mention me :) Thank you, Jim! I will definitely check out Pei Ketron's work. I like the poem your wrote for her.