Monday, May 18, 2015


Thirty or so years ago I caught ROAD WARRIOR, and then backtracked to MAD MAX, both movies I really enjoyed, especially their gritty and nonstop-action chase scenes. Mel Gibson was perfect as Max. Surprisingly, possibly because of the less than worthy THUNDERDOME, which I still kind of liked, there were no more sequels. . .until now. I was quite excited when I heard about the new film, and despite knowing what I would likely get, the recent installment FURY ROAD was a bit less than I would have desired. Yes, there was some impressive stunt work, but it is basically one long chase scene, spectacular at times, but not as viscerally intense or humorous or even thrilling as the ROAD WARRIOR version. Charlize Theron was very good though; she seemed to overshadow Tom Hardy. I loved the tough band of older motorcycle warrior women. Still, so many questions popped in my head. Why were there so many people at the cult camp and how were they surviving (you'd think extraneous individuals would have been eliminated)? Was the mammary pumping stuff necessary? The chasing warriors never seemed as menacing as they should have been, perhaps because they seemed comical ghosts. How would Furiosa ever have been able to maintain contact with the mountain biker guys? How did Furiosa's old crew survive? I would have liked a little more introduction to the individual worlds, even a quick visit to the old pumping station (which I am assuming was based on the RW one). How did the filmmakers avoid killing a bunch of stuntpeople? Anyway, see it on big screen. Just enjoy the ride and don't expect too much.

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