Saturday, December 26, 2015


My long-time neighbor, Ms. Jean Smith, passed away last night. Have known her for about fourteen years. She was in her eighties and was the daughter of local USC legend Rex Enright. She loved her cats, both the one that lived inside and a few over the years who stayed outside. Enjoyed tending her patio garden. Many nights she would sit out with neighbors and have a beer and chat. She was an avid reader, and I provided her with hundreds of large-print books, mostly romance, that I picked up at the thrift shop. I'm glad I could contribute a little bit of happiness for her. She always had candy ready for kids who flocked to her door. Sadly, over past couple of years she suffered repeated bone breaks. She was a nice lady and we will miss her. It's been a rough week, losing three people I have known, as well as another battling with the final stage of a disease.

Chorus of cat cries fills the night,
Ms. Jean’s spirit has taken flight;
they’re sad because she protected
the feline world, now deep dejected;
though she had many a good year,
spreading sweets and local cheer,
our world will now be sorely missing,
angel kittens she’s surely kissing.

{For Jean Enright Smith, who died 22 December, a gentle soul and long-time neighbor}

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