Monday, January 4, 2016


Who would have thought a small North Carolina town could deliver quality art? Went up to Hickory, for another reason, but while there decided to look around. And what I discovered was a community dedicated to the arts. They had transformed their old central high school into a center for art and science, with sections of the building blocked off for an array of interests, from a planetarium to aquarium, literature and culture, symphonic and choral music, and many other things. Nearby is a wonderful library. Mush of what I saw was designed to inspire children. My trek there focused on art, and I was not disappointed. The main attraction was a collection of photographs by Steven McCurry, best known for his National Geographic cover portrait "Afghan Girl." Many wonderful shots from his career in Cambodia, India, the Middle East, and other places. There were some nice pieces by William Starkweather, who mainly worked in watercolors and oil. They had about twenty of his works. There was a wonderful collection of Glass and pottery pieces, many quite whimsical. The work of Joel Urruty was on display, but I am not a fan of most modernist work, and didn't see much I liked in that collection. There was also a lot of interesting folk art. If you get the chance, take advantage and visit the Hickory Museum of Art.

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