Friday, December 26, 2008


My sister was sick today and there was no chance to do anything with the family, so I borrowed her Jeep and headed out to see friends. First I stopped by the old house and then showed the boys where I went to school. Then we tracked down some Cuban sandwiches. These were made with chunky pork, as opposed to sliced, and they were nicely pressed and delicious. It was the first tiem the boys had really tried them and they were delighted---not a mean feat with those kids. I was happy to get one, of course; it was one of the top things on my list. I love them and miss them; can't get anything as good in Columbia.

Then we visited the home of two of my oldest friends, Kat and Keith Robertson (I've known him since I was eleven and in the fifth grade, and her since they dated most of our high-school years). Unfortunately, Keith wasn't home, but it was nice to see Kat and introduce her to my boys. She seemed to like them. Her dogs took a little longer to accept us. We visited a local playground and chatted while the boys played. Caught up on some of news of former classmates and what they were up to. Joey mostly wanted to chase lizards and Chimo watered her plants. I hope to get by again later and see Keith.

Then I went over to my old Cuban family, the Marques's, who kind of adopted me informally. Haydee has retired now from the Tampa Firefighters. In fact, all the women in the family worked with the city. We sat, chatted, and caught up. Her daughters (Marlene and Yvette) and son (Julio) became friends years ago. They used to call me Tio Jim. Sadly they were all off with their families. Marlene's son David came by and said hello. I did get to chat with Yvette for a little bit and catch her up on what was going on.

Other than that, didn't do much. Been reading A Farewell to Arms.

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