Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This might be the last entry of the year, depending on accessibility of a computer during the holidays, which will be spent in my old hometown of Tampa. I am looking forward to some Florida sun. I know my kids are excited. My sister pulled out the stops to get us down there. I should be kissing her feet when we arrive. I get to see my newest grandniece. Unfortunately my other sister is in Ohio and my brother is in Cuba. My Dad and Sharon will be there, in from Tennessee. So half the family will be together.

I am so looking forward to some Cuban food, especially a Cuban sandwich. Ihope maybe to score a ticket to see my beloved Gamecocks play Iowa. I will somehow get to the beach at least once, if I have to walk. Maybe some fishing? I hope to see Lowry zoo with the boys and tag along with whatever activities the family is into. And maybe get some time to rest.

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