Monday, December 29, 2008


Beautiful temperatures and bright sunshine. A nearly perfect day for beach time. I have been missing time along the coast. Waves were light, definitely not the harder ones of the Atlantic. I always liked the Gulf. We started out at about 12, heading for Clearwater Beach, but the lots were full, so we shifted to Sand Key instead. Usually the Key, which is a state park, is much emptier, but today it was pretty full. Lots of nice looking people. The weather forecasters said that the water temperatures were around 78, but it felt like it was a lot less, something closer to 65, so it was pretty chilly getting into the waves. Would love to have been able to swim. The boys and Gabby had a lot of fun in the sand. We will remember to bring our water slippers next time, because this beach is heavily shelled.
I walked along the beach for a bit. Met a nice Hmong family and chatted with them. A lady from Georgia (although apparently from somewhere else) asked me about jai lai, so I explained the game to her (she thought some kids playing lacrosse were playing jai lai, and I had to correct her). Oddly enough, while we were standing there, her son whipped out the tallywacker and just peed in the ocean. She was mortified, but I assured her that it was all right. The beach closes at 6, so we didn't get to spend as much time there as long as I could.

Then Beth, Wayne, and Falon, along with the kids, all went to Frenchie's Seafood. We had grouper sandwiches. I was not as happy with mine as I had hoped. I recalled having one way back when, but it was fluffier and fuller, and the meat was whiter. This one was a little more fishier than I recalled them being. But it was ok. The lines definitely were lon and the wait was about a half hour, so it must be a popular place. I had the boys try alligator, which they seemed to like, especially Joey. Falon's chicken strips were excellent.

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