Thursday, February 19, 2009


Last night my eldest son Joey, who is ten, was asked to be in a photo shoot for his ballet company, Columbia Classical. I bought him new black tights so that he would look trim. After the shoot the director invited him to stay and attend a master class with some of the professional and older dancers, and he was so excited. I heard that he did very well, even eliciting a chorus of applause when he mastered some move. I seldom get to watch him dance, and I peeked in to see him doing some step-over move, and I just about started to cry. I am so proud of him. Just before he went to bed I pulled him aside and told him just how I felt. He is not the most demonstrative kid, but he did smile and I got a nice hug. I don't really care if he stays in ballet or makes it a lifetime activity, but as long as he feels drawn to it I will support him to the best of my ability. He will be dancing in THE WIZARD OF OZ next weekend. Yes, the children's roles are usually small, and little more than filler and an excuse to subsidize the senior troupe, but I will be there to enjoy it.

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