Friday, February 20, 2009


The Koger Center was really rocking last night. I took the boys to see the USC concert. Well, dragged would be more like it. . .but they got into it once they were there. The concert was put on in honor of the high school honors weekend of band instruction the University puts on. It was kind of strange being trapped in a huge room with probably four hundred teenagers. The boys got a free Chinese dinner out of the bargain, and got to stay up a little later than they normally do, so they were pleased about that. And while waiting for the show to begin, they got their nightly reading done, so poppa was happy.

The USC Jazz Ensemble, Left Bank Big Band, was pretty good, especially the sax solos. There obviously was a lot of inside joking going on. I can't say that I was bowled over by the selections, but it was enjoyable. Next the USC Percussion Ensemble did John Cage's Third Construction, which I thought was interesting. Joey really liked it. How did they slip the conch shell into it, though?

The best part of the night was the performace by the Palmetto Pans. The guy who was leading the show was quite energetic. The crowd tried a few waves, and some of the kids danced in the aisles. "Take Me On," "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and "Beat It" were popular selections with the audience. I liked Bert Ligon's funky "Carry On" the best though. I love taking the boys to these events, broadening their world.

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