Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I snuck a photo off of my friend's site. I met Renata and her partner Waldilei through our dancer friends Junio and Humberto a few years back. Then they were neighbors. They are respected dancers from Brazil and have been active in the Columbia Classical Ballet for about three years. One of the sad things about getting to know the dancers is the likelihood that they will eventually be moving on, especially the foreign dancers. Here is the pic.
This is a chalk drawing by Joey titled "Renata." It is even prettier when you see it in person. It is now on my wall at work.

And here is a link if you would like to see a video of her dancing.

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  1. Oh that`s lovely!!!!
    We were completely lost in this country during the first months and you were there helping us...
    We felt from the very first time that we could count on you...
    Thanks for being there in the hard beginning and thanks for being our friend!!
    We wish you(and the boys) the best!!!!
    You deserve it!!!