Monday, May 11, 2009


Tonight I watched a French film (with subtitles, of course), titled TELL NO ONE. It was a pretty good mystery/thriller. The main character, a pediatrician played by Francois Cluzet (who is a near dead ringer for Dustin Hoffman), receives an email from his wife, who was supposedly murdered and cremated eight years ago, and the police (after finding two male bodies with her safe deposit key) are convinced that the doctor is guilty and reopen the case on him. Kristin Scott Thomas plays his lawyer (she is beautiful); I liked that she played a lesbian, and that they portrayed her as normal, and didn't use it as some way to make the film more salacious. There are some good chase scenes and twists. There is a ruthless, well-funded gang of enforcers, especially a sinister woman with a claw grip, that muddies the waters as well. I recommend it.

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