Saturday, June 27, 2009


For most of his long reign in Cuba, Fidel Castro made a habit of scuttling any improvements in relations with each successive American administration, largely by doing something to incite his neighbor to the north (such as shooting down aircraft piloted by anti-Castro partisans). But everyone should know that what he was doing was making it so that he could blame every ill in his country on America; had the embargo ended, he would have had a much more difficult time explaining his repressive policies and the economic hardship his people were subjected to. Now President Ahmadinejad, and his clerical handlers in Iran, seem to have taken a page from Fidel. Voting irregularities? What irregularities??. . .it is but the meddling of the nasty Americans. Neda shot in the chest by a Basiji militiaman? Oh no! It was one of the protesters, surely, incited by the Americans, who are causing trouble for the Iranian police and people. (I wonder if we Americans were also guilty of not allowing Neda a proper burial and that we also have helped harrass and depose from their home her family, as well as send the doctor who tried to help her scurrying from the country for his safety?). We haven’t violently put down a peaceful expression of opposition to a rigged election and imposed a reign of terror on anyone thinking of political and social reform. . .oh no, we are just closing ranks in front of those foreign devils, the Americans and British. How dare President Obama criticize our beating, maiming, terrorizing, and killing Iranian citizens? He is such a meddler. Too bad there is a sizable percentage of Iranians who are blinded by the clerics and their own closed-mindedness to see that the mullahs and Ahmajinedad are no better now than the brutal repression laid upon the Iranian people by the Shah and his Savak! I am getting sicker and sicker as the iron fist of an untrue Islam smashes the yearnings for freedom, throttles the people’s will. The question now is if the people will be brave enough to risk their lives now, beyond making nighttime calls from the rooftops, or releasing green balloons. I hope a contingent of Iranian taggers start writing messages of hope in green on the walls of the city. Maybe the beating of basiji as they storm into people’s homes will send a message. The Iranian people rose up once to shed an oppressor, I hope they can do it again. The Iranian Revolution I was derailed. After thirty years it is time to get in back on the tracks for the benefit of all Iranians. Americans are not the enemy. The enemy is within.

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