Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Blues

Had just come home from the ole Golden C
hoping my family would be waiting for me,
but no one was there, not kids nor my wife
silence so thick you could cut it with knife.
It seemed odd to me that on this holiday
there’d be no welcoming party, to say
"We’re happy to see you, was work today hard?
Here is some chocolate and we got you a card."
I lay on our mattress to get me some rest,
calm myself down and unburden my chest,
when the boys arrived from their lunch at McD
wife clearly had nothing to say then to me,
she turned right around and just walked away,
so I asked my boys "How has been your day?"
They jumped on the bed and snuggled up near,
and what from the youngest went into my ear?
"Mom says its your fault and she’s leaving you."
Out of my mouth a gasp must have flew,
the elder then added, my heart could not save,
"And we got to meet her old schoolfriend Dave."
After I finished a short cry and shudder,
and managed to regain control of my rudder,
ushered them off with hugs and some kisses,
guess that my marriage was one of those misses,
but my heart was broken, and this I can say,
it was a helluva way to spend that Father’s Day.

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