Saturday, November 28, 2009


Despite some initial outbursts when they let Spiller slip through with a runback to lead 7-0, I felt pretty good for the rest of the game as the Cocks clearly outplayed the Tigers. Yes, they have outplayed them before and still lost, but something was different this year. All of the breaks didn't automatically go against us; in fact, we got a couple of lucky bounces. For once it actually looked liked our O-line outplayed a defense convincingly. The score could have bene even worse for the Tigers, had we not touched that muffed punt. And I thought there were two clear uncalled back-to-back interference penalties that went uncalled, but overall I was just delighted with the performace. I am going to miss Norwood. At least for one year I get to savor the defeat of the Orange. GO COCKS! I hope we do well in whatever bowl we get selected for. And I think it is legitimate to point out that both ACC division champions went down to middle of the pack SEC teams today.

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