Thursday, November 19, 2009


Night Watch is a decent Russian movie about the forces of good and evil, played out over the centuries as a tense relationship between two warring factions of Others. The walkers of the night, of course, are vampires. An agreement has been forged between the leaders of the sides that each will provide watchmen to assure that rogues (although Palin was not in this movie) will abide by their pact. But, of course, some stray, and the decision of one individual will have repercussions that will unleash. . .yes. . .another series of horror flicks. People walk the street, often unaware of their special powers, until some even triggers the realization that they are different, and then the individual must choose between light and dark. Although this movie is not up to the technical achievement of American and Western cinematography, such as that shown in the awesome Underworld and Matrix series, it is nonetheless enjoyable, if not a little clunky at times. I am sure it is a tad better for native Russian speakers, but the dubs were not that off-putting. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the second part, which I believe is titled Day Watch.

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