Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just finished the much criticized The Lost Symbol, and really guys, do you expect every book that people read to be a masterpiece. How about just a story that is fun to read and doesn't take half a year to slog through? Is it great literature? No. Is it a decent story? Yes. Was I totally happy with Brown's effort? Well, errrr, no. I figured out too much in advance (possibly just by guessing right) and I thought it easily could have been trimmed, say, 200 pages. But it was still an enjoyable story, and will no doubt make a good movie. Most of the people who saw me walking around with it, and stopped to chat, seemed to have enjoyed it as well. I like a good story once in a while, and I don't even try to figure out if all the information he provides is 100% accurate. . .I'm going to forget it all in a day or two. Like Chinese food. . .fun to eat, but you'll be hungry fairly quickly.

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