Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A good quote from Allison Benedikt on SLATE concerning the conservative media bubble FOX viewers put themselves in: "Fox News and other conservative media are “far more intellectually closed” than, say, NPR. Fox News feeds its viewers a line of bull about the way the world is. Viewers buy this line of bull. Misinformed viewers become misinformed voters. And then misinformed voters are shocked when Obama wins. Hey, I thought everyone hated this guy?"

"Evidence?? We don't need no stinking evidence!" Or so it seems Karl Rove was saying. I have family and friends who truly believe every bit of crap that is forwarded and promoted by the Conservative Channel. They believe every bit of malarkey and misinformation and downright mischievous misspeak. They tune into Rush (who had a meltdown of his own the last few days) and Glenn Beck, and some of the other wackos. I listened to it sometimes, and I was often mortified. I hope some people learned something, but I doubt it.

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