Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A long night, first waiting for the results, then for Romney to concede, then for Obama to give his final campaign . . .I mean, acceptance speech (which I think was very good, if not a bit long winded). I am happy with the results and thankful I don't have to kowtow to my more conservative family members (I love you all though). The best man won, simple as that. Romney was a fake and liar (though I think he probably is a decent man). The country is divided, but there are people (see: old white guys) who now need to accept the fact that our nation is changing, becoming more diverse. Women are getting stronger politically and economically. You can no longer disrespect them or "mansplain" to them (Akin and Mourdick. . .I mean, Mourdock. . .went down in flames). Hispanics are gaining strength and numbers, and this shift will only increase as more achieve citizenship (just look at the number serving in our military). Younger people are getting more involved. Possibly even the regularly disenfranchised are finding their voices. Craziness and extremism have limits (hear that, Talibani Teapartiers and religious extremists?). Will there be a third party movement? If so, that possibility likely means the Democrats will stay in power much longer. Money is much too important in modern elections, but saying that, it doesn't mean that seats can necessarily be bought (ahem, McMahon). A strong federal government is still important to our collective well being (how many Hurricane Sandys do we need to reiterate this fact?). The Republican Party needs to rethink their role, or they risk permanent outsider status, with the pressure mounting inside their caucus more damaging than that from without. I hope some sanity returns to the deluded fans of FOX and Rush (when will they realize they are being lied to?). We all live here together and this is our country too.

There are many problems our politicians have to address quickly. Major problems. At some point our elected representatives have to work together. Compromise. Do what is best for the country rather than bending over for narrow interests. Our Senators have to lead.

An openly lesbian Senator. How cool! A wounded female vet with Thai heritage earns a seat in the House. Yeah. New Hampshire has an all-female delegation. Right on. A Buddhist (as well as first Asian American female, born in Japan) and a Hindu win seats for the first time. All right! I'm not sure I am too happy with the new stoner states, though, but not too disturbed by it either. Rabid anti-gay supporters argued vociferously that the courts and legislatures that had okayed right-to-marriage laws would be disavowed by the electorate. . . and for the first time they were proven wrong. Let people be who they are and get over your prejudices. Let's make the schools, roads, and infrastructure better. Lets take care of our veterans. Find new things to make and greater goals to achieve. Be a world leader, not a bully. Convince Muslims in the Middle East that stronger women's rights actually improve life for everyone there. Repair this broken world environment. Stop the slaughter of people, the enslavement of children, the exploitation of females. So much to do.

God bless America and President Obama.

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