Monday, November 5, 2012


The boys were off at the Camporee, so I had blessed quiet and plenty of dvds and books. I got to browse through the flea market and eat a restful Chinese meal, without squabbling brothers in tow. Started a new Sarah Vowell. And, again, there was dvd time.

Finished the sixth season of Dexter, one of my favorite tube series. It wasn't as intense as some of the former years, but pretty good. It seemed a tad off, but who's complaining. I didn't much like the somewhat blatant hinting of potential incestuous activity to come (even if they are not biological siblings), but I did like that Debra now knows of Dexter's activities and it will be interesting to see how she will react to this revelation. The disintegration of Joey seemed a little too quick and overdone, but I never really liked his character anyway. I kind of miss the Bennetts. I do like Jaime Batista (Aimee Garcia). I know that for the sake of the show it was important to move Debra into the Lieutenant's chair, though I think Angel should have (and probably would have in a real-life situation) gotten the office, and I don't think it would necessarily have changed the story line that much. I look forward to seeing the final season whenever it gets on dvd.

Although I do not love anime, I watched an unusual and very good Japanese-American animation Princess Mononoke (1997). The boys seemed to enjoy it a lot. I thought the art was quite beautiful, and the story interesting, if not a tad confusing. Neil Gaiman adapted the script to English (and I know that so much is lost in translation no matter how good the translator). I liked the directors Spirited Away, which I saw a while ago.

I threw in an old western (about Billy the Kid) to the mix, Paul Newman's Left-Handed Gun (1958), produced two years before my birth. One of his first big-screen performances (two of which he inherited after the death of James Dean), you can tell he is still learning his craft, but he is such a presence. I certainly enjoyed it. I can't remember if I ever saw it on television. Lita Milan is beautiful, no doubt why a South American dictator chased her. John Dehner was very good, though I kept feeling he was acting as if he were in a silent film. Newman plays Billy as somewhat silly and demented, but he pulls it off. Those eyes. . .if I ever met a woman with those eyes, I would be entranced. It is not a strong movie, but enjoyable.

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