Tuesday, September 10, 2013


[Apparently, while a certain Sarah Ramsingh was ignoring her friends and faithful sidekick, flaunting her geeky nerd roots, and sampling the liquid pleasures bountiful, in order to follow the fashionistas in New York City, during their week of debauchery and exploitation of the thin runway muses and fluffing of outlandish egos, a certain D.D. was observed traipsing about with a diminutive southern actress. An unknown street wag tagged several silver subway cars with the following piece of doggerel.]

There once was a kitty all coo-coo,
His mistress off to fashion foo-foo
he planned an escape
behind dark hotel drape
Where he could smooch his Honey Boo Boo.

She claimed it was all about clothes
and following the modelish pose
but the Duff understood
that it was all about food,
and he’s the one who truly knows.

All he wanted to do was have fun,
and he missed his Miami Beach sun,
So now it’s models galore
But we know who does adore,
His soft fur and purrs, all a-million.

His N.S.A. minders allude
though getting a little bit crude
That the lovers were sneaky
And the action quite freaky,
With black and white film in the nude.

Miss Sarah was rightly outraged
And claimed the action was staged,
But we all know the truth
Of that cat so uncouth,
And now HBB and he are engaged!

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