Sunday, September 1, 2013


This morning I was checking on some mail at the post office when I heard a tiny, but loud, banshee cry that seemed to be coming from under a car. I thought, "Oh no, a cat got caught up under the hood and somehow survived a trip here." Possible. Well, I looked underneath (no small task for a big guy like me), and then I saw a little tiger cat emerge and go inot the bushes. It took about an hour, and a little help from a couple, but I corralled her. I took her over to my animal rescue guy, but he was off on vacation and won't be back til Tuesday, so I am stuck with her for the holiday weekend. But she is such a character. She has serious separation anxiety. . .I can't even go into the other room without her wailing. And she loves to sleep right up against me, often stretched out length-wise, and she has really long legs. She loves tummy rubs. I bought her some special dinners. She couldn't have been out there long, since she was robust and noticable. She would come close, then dart away, but once I had her in my hands she was very affectionate. She has definitely been held. I named her Trena.

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