Friday, August 30, 2013


Riding home from work I heard some sports pundit (am I allowed to say "idiot") opine that Clowney's quest for the Heisman is already over. Really? After the first game!!?? One in which the opposing offense did everything but wave the white flag(including downright illegally trying to injure him with a blatant targeted chopblock/clip from behind) while they were running away from him, and still he managed to be in quite a few plays. I hate the Heisman system in the first place: there should be an award to players from both sides of the ball. Offenses can tailor their system to favor a specific player, and the defenses must stop them. It is much harder for defensve players to garner stats because they mostly have to react. Furthermore the NC line (and give them some credit) were often hitting him with two or three players, which meant other guys were not being defended as well. AS for his conditioning. . .he was running his heart out on a hot and very muggy day. Anyone who has lived in South Carolina in the summer knows what is is like to breather hot, liquid air and it wears you out, and that is just getting out of the car. As for annual awards, I hate watch lists and preseason speculation, although it is likely impossible to stop, but the groups responsible for taking advantage of picking winners for their own financial reward love to stoke the fires in hopes more people will watch the events and repeat their brand. I can't think of a single college defensive player I would rather have on my team than Clowney. He has an impact the second he steps on the grass, even before the ball is snapped. I wouldn't be surprised if many teams run away from him all year. I'll take 200 yards and ten points opposing every game if we can. . .and if that happened, a likely championship. Go Clowney. Go Cocks.

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