Friday, August 9, 2013


For my 500th blog, which seems amazing to me that I reached that number, although others are considerably more prolific, I offer some pictures of my mother, Lydia, from her album. I miss her every day.

This is my mother with her father and stepmother and her little sister Marijka. I am not sure if this was taken before they left Europe or after they arrived in Baltimore. I am guessing that Mom is about sixteen in this photograph.

These are pictures of Mom either as a student nurse or at her first job, in the late 1950s. I believe one of the ladies in the group photo was her best friend, Elizabeth, after whom one of my sister was named. My mom was very tiny, probably less than 100 pounds here. This is what she looked like when she met that dashing Naval Academy plebe.

This collage from one of the pages covers the gamut. The top left I think is from her school, before leaving Ukraine. Under that is a tiny pic of her aboard the ship coming to U.S., I think. Bottom left is graduation pic, but not sure if it is HS or college. I don't think I ever saw her hair in that style. Bottom pic, I think, is of her and friends, possibly Ukrainian Scouts.

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