Thursday, August 22, 2013


Here is Mikey from a picture taken in the Pisgah area while his owner Christine and I were together. I loved this dog, and fortunately got to see him not long before he passed. His racing name was Michigan Mike and he had a pretty good record, not unusual for rescue greyhounds, as winning leads to longevity and greater possibility of being sent into retirement. He was the sweetest boy. I haven't had a dog since, though I hope one day to get another grey. Chris and I fostered for a few years and it was a wonderful experience. These are really good pups. I wrote a poem once about how they are mistreated:

Run! They want, my powerful stride,
to stay upfront, never caught inside,
so they can garner silver and gold,
yet what do they do when I get old?
So many brothers horribly killed,
beating hearts chillingly stilled,
sisters exploited, some just shot,
cruel experiments, or left to rot,
sad the life of many greyhound
only a few will be rescue bound.

Here is a pic of his lovely, and much missed, mug.

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