Monday, August 5, 2013


This past weekend was the 35th Reunion of the Class of 1978 of Leto High School, Tampa, Florida. The Fighting Falcons. And no, this is not a review of the event. Because I wasn't able to attend. But I hope my classmates had a good time, which I am sure they did, because many of them are fun-filled spirits. There are a few people I would have enjoyed seeing (although I don't know yet if they were in attendance either). The beach and gulf sure looked inviting, in the few pics I have seen. Sadly I had to contend myself by flipping through the old yearbook. It is amazing how much I have forgotten of those days. And how many people, sadly, that I didn't get to know during my three years at the school. We did have a big class, I lived way out in the country, and so many rushed off straight to work after classes. Anyway, I lift my glass to my former classmates and wish them well, and hope I can attend an informal reunion some time.

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