Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I stand upon an empty shore,
accursed and feeling low,
my feet sink into sandy floor
the result of undertow.

But heaviness is too at fault
my pain like a dark weight
into the sea I'd like to vault
maybe to be shark bait.

NO! I won't. . . I'd be a dolt,
to waste my lasting time
I'd miss my boys, so cannot bolt
to then become fish slime.

For now this beach I will enjoy
its sunset and warm waves
my boys will soon come to employ
their laughter that much saves.

I cannot wait to see them run
along this pristine patch,
to swim and dig and hunt in sun
for shells to quickly snatch.

My heart'll be light when this day is,
and boys will be with me
it shall be like a heaven bliss
and I'll cry as we watch the sea.

[I wrote this when my boys were gone in Florida and I was feeling sorry for myself.]

1 comment:

  1. Oh... Jim.. how awful that must have been for you. I feel your pain in these words. I'm so glad that things turned out well.