Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It’s a WTF kind of day.

I just saw that an author (not to be named) won a literary prize recently for a book that will not be published for another year. What?!! OK, it was probably some competition based on manuscripts, I guess, but really. . . makes you wonder about awards.

I have been following the progress of President Obama in his first real foreign policy foray, and I believe that he did fairly well, advanced U.S. interests, repaired or started the process of repairing some of the strained relationships with the world community. Bravo and good job to him. But some members of the Right have called it a dismal failure and worse. My god, where are their heads? The same bunch that fabricated tons of stories and spread misinformation about the Clintons are back at it again. And people complain about the liberal press? WTF

How can Amazon and Google and other sites simply gobble up all the literary works that have expired copyrights and put them en mass on their websites. . .their for profit websites? And onto the Kindle? What does this mean for publishing companies (which of course, basically were doing the same thing)? You watch, next thing they will start charging for people to view the books, and then start asking people to pay them royalties if one wants to use any portion of those books.

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