Saturday, April 25, 2009


I took the boys, along with Tami and her son, Daniel (her husband is finishing up his officer's training out west; she is Joey's Webelos leader) to the Sparkleberry Fair out near Sandhills. It was pretty darn hot out there, probably well into the 90s, but at least there was some wind blowing most of the time, and I managed to sneak under tents and trees sufficiently enough to keep from broiling. I really felt sorry for the deputies, with their armor and black uniforms, as well as for anyone required to wear heavier clothing for their displays or activities. They do a nice job with this annual event, which helps raise money for the Richland Two school district, and who doesn't want to support that?

We got to watch some Native American dancing, which was enjoyable (although I was under the impression that they would be having a more broad exhibit, including teepees). Chimo kept asking if the Cheyenne were represented. The boys spent a lot of time at the Boy Scouts exhibit: playing games and chatting with the older boys. Joey and I played to a tie on the hockey game. They got their regular dose of jumping in the blow-up contraptions, though Joey did a little less of that than usual. The rides are pretty weak there, and expensive, so I avoid them like a plague. We made a quick visit to the greyhounds (my favorite). We watched skydivers and listened to a little music (drums, for instance), and then we visited the petting zoo. The most popular area there was the rabbit exhibt (though I found the highlight to be the humping rabbit, who did it in all the wrong positions, such as on top of the heads of his victims, much to the consternation, I'm sure, of the other rabbits---I guess the little guy was just too darn excited). I never did see the model railroad exhibit that was advertised. When we had had about enough of plants and crafts, and collecting a wide assortment of trinkets and promotional materials (such as frisbees and pencils), we went to McDonalds and let the boys play. When I finally got back home, the boys played with their friends on their scooters. Then, after their baths, we watched the rest of Beverley Hills Chihuahua, which was cute, and the boys quickly fell asleep when sent to bed.

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