Sunday, May 20, 2012


Obviously, only a handful of ballet companies have the deep pockets to stage extravagant new productions, and when they carry it off the result is both spectacular and riveting. Such is the case with the Royal Ballet's presentation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Ballet in Two Acts (2011) [available on dvd], with a full orchestra and new score. The ballet is a feast for the eyes, with awesome sets, exciting video projections, humorous turns, and stunning costumes. The special effects took nontraditional routes, and are smoothly incorporated into the overall beauty of the show. Cudos must go to Lauren Cuthbertson, who is on stage almost every second as Alice, is wonderful and pert. Edward Watson is great as the White Rabbit. I loved that the Mad Hatter was a tap dancer. The Cheshire cat, performed by black-clad dancers holding various parts of the feline against a ebon background, is a delight for the eyes. The set designers created many interesting scenes, especially the Butcher Shop and Pool Scene (with a wonderful collection of animal dancers). Loved the unique tutus for the dancing cards. I recommend highly this show to anyone who likes lavish staging in ballet, because they will truly enjoy it, especially if they have children.

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