Friday, May 11, 2012


I was deeply disturbed and disappointed to hear tonight that American Catholic bishops have decided there is a need to investigate the Girl Scouts of America. I really shouldn't be surprised however, as this hypocritical mysogynist cabal should see the organization as subversive, because indeed it does teach girls and young women to be confident, assertive, competent, moral, and life-long contributors to society. No, this increasingly Taliban-like hierachy is more concerned about women excluding men from controlling their bodies and minds, while (at least some) of these church leaders continue to deny their corrupt participation in looking the other way while hundreds, if not thousands, of youngsters were abused by devils in priest collars, who were then allowed to continue serving communities and churches. I hope enough intelligent and brave priests and churchgoers stand up against this travesty (though I won't expect it). They should acknowledge that their policies have been eroding faith in the CHurch and have been driving people away from its cathedrals. They should be worried that they are assaulting the good deeds and accomplishments of probably around 20 million current and former Catholic scouts. What the bishops should be doing is not investigating girls in green and brown, but finding ways to get women into white cassocks and collars, and gold or purple vestments, as well as serving at the altars---and hopefully one day as leaders in the Vatican. This I Pray Oh Lord.

[In response to some criticism I received for above, I amend my post with the following.]
I can't believe you would equate KKK or Nazis with Planned Parenthood. I am Catholic too. And if you remember, my mother was a lifelong strong supporter of the Girl Scouts, as are my sisters. As a Catholic and an American, I have every right to comment on actions I find objectionable. You also seem to forget that this is a pluralist society. I do not wish the abortion option upon any woman, but I stand firm in the belief that women have the right to make decisions independently for their ownselves about their own bodies. Women alone have to live with the burden of whatever choice they make---so I believe it should be informed (not controlled solely by any faith), and if one decision is made, as safe as possible. My sisters, nieces, and female cousins are smart women and are all capable of making decisons about their own reproduction and bodies, personally, and without interference from anyone (especially male-dominated institutions). Two Catholic women were more important in my spiritual development than any priest, though I have known, respected, and loved several priests as well. If you do not believe women are capable of being a priest, I have no quibble with your stand. I think the Church would become more moral and upstanding if women had a larger role in its running. I simply do not accept that men have some divine right to control women. If government mandated that every man be tested for DNA, and that any man found to have fathered a child be forced to provide for that child financially, how quickly would men drop their objections to PP. I also noted the irony that the Church hid the fact that some priests were committing horrendous acts, and often covered up the deeds. Those are known facts. Certainly not all priests, but there are still those in power with that sin on their hands. I don't believe Catholics are any more guilty of the crime than any other sect, but as a Catholic I condemn any priest who committed such an outrage and anyone who protected them. WE also are fighting a war, partly in response to the narrowminded and mysogynistic religious rule of Islamic fundamentalists over women. I don't want America going down that path.

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