Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GAME OF THRONES, television

Recently, I finished the first season of Game of Thrones, and I liked it very much. Yes, it stretches the boundaries for television sexuality (which I do enjoy nonetheless), and I wouldn't let my boys see it until they are thirty five, but I find it compelling and interesting. Complex storyline, good dialogue, brave storytelling (who else kills off main characters so easily), naughty, gorgeous women, fantasy, fighting, and fiction. Ok, I could do with a little less killing of animals and chilluns. And I like the imp. But I watch others compare their favorite characters, and I started thinking, who did I like the best in season one? And I decided it was (drumroll here) the wise and brave Syrio Forel (played by Miltos Yerolemou), Arya Stark's fencing master, who despite only a slight allegiance to her father and the little girl herself, and when he could easily have turned a blind eye and walked away, he instead stood his ground against heavily armed opponents with only a wooden practice sword in order to give Arya a chance to escape. Selfless bravery. Most likely he died, but it would be nice if he escaped and comes back at a later point in the show.


  1. That's an interesting choice.

    For me... obviously Dany because her character was probably the easiest for me to connect to and then 3 episodes in I just fell in love with her courage and embrace of of being Kahleesi.

    And then my poor doomed to languish in unrequited love, Ser Jorah Mormont because I have a soft spot for men who love things they will never have.

  2. Dany is a strong character, but I'm not sure about her yet. I was glad to see her brother crowned.

    No doubt you have been the object of many men's desire, with them falling short in capturing your affections. Ah, those poor guys.