Monday, July 30, 2012


Two years ago former Gamecock wide receiver Kenny McKinley, one of the most beloved and likeable players in USC history, killed himself while a Denver Bronco, allegedly over reduced playing time due to injury. The Gamecock nation mourned. Then today it was another similar tale, this time a lesser-known and short-time former Gamecock (who was currently on the Tennessee Titasn roster, though also dealing with a debilitating injury), who killed himself at his former high school in Tampa. Such a shame. I hope that the NFL and NCAA squads spend time on mental health issues, maybe even screening, to avoid such events. I doubt there are more problems amongst football players than the general population, but these individuals definitely have better access to professional help and should avail themselves. It is sad whenever anyone associated with USC sports comes to an early end, and I wish strength upon his family and friends.

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