Monday, October 8, 2012


I am delighted with this past weekend and the start of a new week, especially because of a dominating performance by the whole Gamecock team over our rivals---the Dawgs of Gawga! And it really was a domination. Sure, they had a few chances and we had a little luck when we needed it, but the defensive line really looked good (especially stoning them on the goal line), and the offensive played within itself, didn't make too many mistakes, garnered a few exciting plays, and again our special teams did pretty well (Ace was great). So why am I not dancing around? Because these are still our beloved Gamecocks, and there is plenty of room for disaster. I know, I sound like a worrywort, but I am also a realist and have had my heart crushed before. Like losing Lattimore last year and letting Auburn slip past us. I teasingly and cheekily have remarked that our current mantra might be, "Who are We Afraid of? Wofford!" True Gamecocks know the linger doubt that Navy caused us so many years back. And we have often played down to our opponents. So it is prudent to remain calm, not overly excited, and hope for the best. Still, I think USC has a great team, possibly even championship-caliber, if they can play like they have over the last six quarters, stay focused, and do their job (and not have an crushing unexpected turn). USC still has really challenging games ahead, and a few potential traps to face. But unlike some years in the past, I think we have a team capable of handling these hurdles, and I really hope they can. At least the Gamecocks are in the national title discussion (and that hasn't happened often). Anyone in the nation who watched the game saw the enthusiasm the fans here have always had for our boys in garnet and black, and no doubt a few aspiring gridiron stars thought, "Hmmmm, I'd like to play there." I hope so. We have suffered for a long time, and yet have never failed to support our team, and it would really be nice to have a fabulous season (which it has been thus far). Defeated a strong rival; now greater goals are there for the team. Good luck to them.

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