Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I cannot watch; I closed my eyes, this debate process I do despise.
Who cares what they look like on screen, I’d rather hear their thoughts on green.
Who saved the jobs and fed the small, kept the country from hitting a stall?
Passed some laws for gays and poor, let immigrant kids stay on our shore.
Made women’s pay an equal thing, despite reaction caterwauling?
Promoted art, education too, as any civilized would do.
Made sure some money trickled down to people closest to the ground.
Helped some others keep their homes, unlike those giant greedy gnomes,
who’d let folks fail after rigging world, their narrow views fully unfurled.
Now people with existing woes, or assaulted by economic blows,
and college kids in sick despair, are sure to get decent health care.
Four solid years of no attacks, so who has really had our backs?
Osama’s dead, a whole lot more, bad guys knock on Allah’s door.
One war is ended though much pain, I hope we don’t do that again,
Another, slowly, winds its way down, I’d rather have our troops in town,
enjoying life and working hard, hopefully with their Union card.
Car companies allowed to live, the wealthy a little more won't give.
I could go on and list some more, don’t want an escape from this door,
So let women decide their fates, no matter their private health states,
I know there’s some who’ll wring their hands, but they’re acting like they’re Talibans.
In less than month we’ll right this boat, so don’t forget to go and vote.

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