Monday, June 3, 2013


I am somewhat irritated by the opinions of some sports talking heads and callers on radio and in the media about NBA basketball. First: That LeBron James should not have been called for the sixth foul in game five because. . .well, because he is LeBron James. Granted, he is league MVP (likely deserved), face of and most-recognized player (besides maybe Kobe), and one of the best-ever players to grace the court. Still, he should not be treated differently than any other player DURING a game. Clearly he stepped out and tripped the defender, and as far as I could see, he did so intentionally; he was correctly whistled and because it was his sixth foul he was sent packing. Had someone done that to James there would have been an enormous cry for blood. And on that note, he has been flopping just about as much as other players, which is one of the things I don't like about basketball. Ticky-tacky fouls. I wish they would get rid of most fouls and just let them bang. There are too many dunks, for instance, so make it harder in the paint. Only reason perhaps not to do so is that it would result in more injuries (though if it modified play a tad there might not be the injuries and more strategy and working for a good shot), and we don't want rules that endanger players. Therefore maybe it is time to raise the hoop three feet or maybe five. Second: I have no problem with slamming Hibbert for his inexcusable mouth after game sixth. He was disrespectful to James and fans in general, and rude. Sure, he has free speech, but no employer would allow that garbage. Third: The assumption by many that a Spurs-Pacers final (not likely to happen) would be a bad thing because the NBA would lose money. If that is the case, why do they allow teams to play in these markets? I think everyone believes there is a bit of favoritism that helps the bigger market or marquee teams (Boston, LA, Miami, etc). Heck, without James, Miami would be one of the teams on the outside. It is true in other sports too. So will Indiana get a fare shake in Miami tonight. I hope so. I hope they come in and play their asses off, and that we have a wonderful, competitive game, and that the team that plays the best wins it. That is what sports is supposed to be about.

PS: As predicted the Heat won, and I hope the finals are entertaining and well played.

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