Monday, June 17, 2013

The Adventures of Duffy Dean, Detective (XV)

A week after the destruction of the two rival gangs and the interruption of illicit trade, as well as the sudden resignations of a series of upper-level politicians and administrators,  gold embossed invitation landed on my desk, accompanied by a bottle of twelve-year-old scotch. I think it was the only time anyone ever got such a summons from the county lock-up. I almost didn’t go, but there were so many questions that needed to be answered. So I steeled my heart and went for a visit.
How is it possible for an incarcerated  dame to look so stunning in faded orange linen? Must be a southern thing. Honey must have had access to makeup, and I swear I could smell her Chanel right through the bulletproof glass. She sat leisurely back in her chair, haughty and superior, and she smiled demurely. I was miffed, but I tried not to show it.

“So, you were the head of the whole show?” I asked.

She just smiled. Then she said “Were? I still am, my sweet detective.”

I didn’t doubt it. I was amazed at how calm and self-assured she seemed.

“I’ll be out soon. My lawyers are well compensated, and there really isn’t much evidence left now. And I can always court new suppliers. I’ll be up and running soon. Plenty of hidden cash.”

“Don’t you still want justice for your Dad?”

She chuckled. “He wasn’t my pops. But he did steal something from me. Wabo tried to get to it first, so in a way you have helped me twice. I will send along the money I owe. Have a pretty good feeling I know where the item might be too, but we’ll leave that to another day. Perhaps a friendly trade will get it back for me,” she purred. Every hair on the lower spine tingled as if I’d stuck my claw in an electrical outlet. I knew she knew.

She must have seen my disapproval on my face, as I thought of the film. “Come now, Duffy. You know I like my fun, and for someone like me, I don’t worry about the rules or what people think. I am considering doing a reality television show when I get out. You can be one of my characters, if you wish. You know everyone is fascinated by me, even Sarah.” I doubted that, but you never knew.

“And believe me, I am everywhere,” she cooed. “I’ll be in touch, sooner than you think.”

I didn’t go back to work for a few days. Chastity (the hospital nurse) came over and kept me company. Hey. . .don’t judge me! One has to move on, you know. And her back scratches are to die for. But when I did, I was in for another surprise. When I unlocked my door, laying there across my desk was the old man’s cane, as beautiful as described. And tape to it was a note:  WITH LOVE, XXX  HBB

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