Monday, June 24, 2013


I used to enjoy checking sports online, catching up with whatever games and personalities interested me. But increasingly when one wants to read an article on, say, big recruits of certain teams or an assessment of where your team is projected to finish in the upcoming season, one has to click through numerous unwanted pages in order to get to the information you seek. The reason is obvious, and somewhat disingenuous, as website owners seek to gain the maximum number of page hits in order to be in a better position to fleece buyers of ads. "Why look, my page has been hit x number of times." In reality the viewer probably quickly clicked through to their favorite page, but in the process the website garnered multiple hits. It is often irritating for the reader. There are so many teams I simply care nothing about, and I happen to like teams, unfortunately, that often come at the end of the alphabetization. . .South Carolina Gamecocks, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Bucs, etc. So I have to suffer through a lot. If the websites must do this, I wish they would have on the first page an easy link to each page, then let the readers decide what they truly want to look at.

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