Monday, June 3, 2013


The Cocks successfully defended their home turf and dispatched the plucky Liberty team (coached by ex-USC assistant Toman) to earn their way to the NCAA superregional. As usual, the Cocks had to have a little drama, but they extended their home-field mastery in the championship tourney, and now must face either UNC or FAU, which will be decided later tonight. Our bats came unlimbered for the weekend, and I hope that keeps up. Bottom of the order particularly productive, but everyone chipped in, which is how you win at the end of the year. And two of the games were nationally televised, which can't hurt recruiting. And all the more pleasant because the team we beat twice to win the regional, defeated our hated rival Clemson twice. Can there be anything better? Well, yeah, there can be. . .another national title.

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