Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My father's favorite posting was in Hawaii, and if he could have, I don't think he ever would have left. Even as his memories fade, he vividly recalls crying when he got orders to return to Charleston. Here are some pictures from 1965.

Beth and me behind the house on Oahu. We seem to be dressed in old white shirts, perhaps from Dad. Were we doctors? Why am I holding babydolls? This photo needs to be censored right now! :)

That trike could handle a lot. I am standing, Beth is driving, and Bobbie is sitting over the handlebars. And we could motor.

Dad holding Paul, who is probably less than a month old here. But why is he standing out in the street?

Beth and I sitting in/on the old Jeep Wagoneer, our stalwart wagon for many years.

Beth sitting on Dad's bike. That was the two-car garage/single apartment that stood on the back of our property. My Dad offered to let me stay free there if I was accepted to university of Hawaii for graduate school. I didn't take up the offer.

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