Sunday, April 3, 2016


The more I look through old photographs of Hannah Lydia Longmore Hartpence, the more frequently I can pick out the thin bespectacled visage of a woman who has now been identified as Lydia Josephine Sigley. I wonder if she might be the eldest sister or perhaps an aunt to my grandmother Lillian. This is Aunt Feenie, as Dad referred to her (I am sure). Here she stands next to my Great Aunt Deeah.

With Dad on a beach towel, likely Asbury Park, in 1936.

From 26 September, 1930

Here, at age 25, Feenie is kneeling in front of a group of women, friends, I suppose. Although the inscription on back is hard to read, it appears to have been taken at the Wheelan Cottage.I am guessing on the names of the other ladies (l to r): Billie Wells, Mildred Schenkein, Maude Clyde, and Beatrice Gudmunson.

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