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My grandmother apparently had a large family of siblings, many of whom she did not spend much time with because she was primarily raised by her aunt and uncle, the Hartpences. From what I understand, she remained close to only one of her sisters. At what age she left her parent's house to be raised elsewhere, I don't know. But there is photographic evidence that she was probably ten or eleven, perhaps, before she left for her new home. I knew/know almost nothing of the Sigley side of the family. Here are a few photographs that they might enjoy, if they see them, and they are welcome to flesh out their stories, or correct anything I have guessed at.

Here we have my grandmother Lillian standing in the center. She looks to be around nine, I would guess, so this shot is possibly around 1921? The woman on her right is identified as Mary. Possibly a much-older sister, or some other female relative. The girl on her left, I think, might be a sister named Agnes.

This is her brother Harry Sigley. I know little about him, although I have seen some information that indicates he fought in the Army in World War II, might have worked for New Jersey Corrections, and possibly lived until 2006. I will correct if new info comes in. Nevertheless, he is a dapper young man, with a nice face and smile, and I love the socks.

Here Harry stands with his brothers, Bobby and Jack. They might be misidentified, however, because to me the middle boy looks more like Harry.

Here are two more young Sigley boys, neither of which I know, who look to have been much younger brothers of Lillian. Dave on the left and John on the right. This picture is dated 1931, but after the fact, so it might be wrong.

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