Sunday, April 3, 2016


In the Summer of 1938 it appears that the Tidd family, including my father James, took a long vacation into the Adirondacks of New York and up into Montreal. They seem to have visited Lake Placid. I would not be surprised if the trip had been sponsored by John & Hannah Hartpence. Here are a series of photographs:

We start with a picture I am quite unsure about. My father holds the hand of a stylishly attired sunbather, whose identity I do not know. Neither do I know the other lady, although she may be great aunt Feeny. She is holding Dad's younger brother, John. This shot may have been made on Lake Placid.

Taken at John's Brook Bridge in Keene Valley, New York. This area was my father's favorite in the world, I think. He talked about it lovingly often. John's Brook feeds into the Ausable River.

Jim and John with their grand aunt Hannah most likely at a marina on Lake Placid. Don't you just love those old boats?

Somewhere in the Adirondacks. I can make out Jim, John, Hannah, and the possibly Feeny. I do not know who the other children and lady are. It is also possible that this picture may come from Whispering Pines in Keene Valley.

This shot appears to be at a bridge in Ausable Chasm, a beautiful gorge that has become an outdoors adventure area today, with rafting, rock climbing, and other activities. In this shot my dad stands in the forefront, flanked by his mother Lillian, and great aunt Hannah, with John along the wall. They are all dressed nicely, so I wonder if it is church they are headed to.

A resting place near Lake Placid. Hannah in white, Jim in black (looks like he is wearing a cap), and John in white spweater. Although this is taken in August-September, it must get cool there already.

Not sure if this is part of the vacation, possibly right before it. Might have been taken at the Hartpence residence. Hannah (in flowered dress) with Jim and John.

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