Saturday, April 16, 2016


In 1949 the Chmilewskyj family made the ocean voyage from Europe to America. Here are a few shots from that trip.

Lydia Oxana Chmilewska (Tidd) laughing aboard the ship, dressed in her Girl Scouts uniform.

Mom (on far left) with a group of women (most likely fellow displaced persons), with what she later told me was the cook aboard the ship. He was the first black man she had ever met, and she said he was the nicest person. Have no idea, sadly, the others' identities.

A group of future Americans making the voyage to their new home. Most of the individuals I can't identify, but I am going to guess at a few. My mom is second from the right. Standing just in front of her to her right is my Babcia,Joanna Gissowska Chmilewskyj. The little girl with bow in her hair, in front, I think is my Aunt Marijka. The man standing next to the tall priest is my grandfather (I think) Jaroslav Chmilewskyj. My Aunt might be able to fill in the blanks or correct me.

This shot was likely taken earlier, before they left Europe, possibly in Germany. My mom is standing to the right, stylishly dressed in polka-dot dress and heavy jacket.

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