Saturday, April 16, 2016

TIDD KIDS 1967-1968

In 1968 we lived near Charleston, on Edgewater Island. Here are a few picture of the Tidd kids.

I am guessing this shot may have been taken just before Christmas 1967, because it looks like we are celebrating a birthday, probably Beth's, because of the three girls her age there that I don't recognize. On the bottom row we have Bobbie, Paul, and me.

Probably Christmas 1967, but the film was developed in 1968. Paul, me, Bobbie, and Beth. Paul looks very happy, and Beth is focused. This is in out living room, coming out from two bedrooms in the rear of the house.

Undated. I think perhaps 1967.

Most likely Easter 1968. Mom with her nice bonnet, me and Beth, then Paul and Bobbie.

Summer 1968. (L to r) Paul, Bobbie, Laura McCabe, Beth, me.

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