Saturday, August 23, 2014


After World War II, my grandparents Fran and Lee Tidd adopted a Ukrainian boy, Alexander Rybalkin. He has been a shadow person in my life. I think I met him a few times as a child, but even my Dad lost track of him several times. He apparently traveled back and forth from the United States and Ukraine. I know he lived in Baltimore in the 1990s, as well as in his birth town of Donetsk. Exactly why he left Ukraine while his mother was alive, I am not sure.

Here (I think) we have Alex (on the left) with his mother in 1970. The two other people are apparently his nephew and his wife. This picture was taken in Donetsk.

Not sure at all about this picture, but it may very well be of Alex with his nephew and his wife. It was undated, but clearly Alex is older, so I am guessing 1990s.

Alex apparently was in Moscow during protests against Yeltsin and the war in Chechnya. He apparently supported Lebed. He seems to have been poisoned during his stay there, though how bad it is not certain. Here is an undated pic of Alex "hanging" Yeltsin, although I do not know where it was taken.

Undated, but taken in Donetsk, this photo was trimmed off the original, and it makes me wonder who he was standing beside. A former wife? girlfriend? Who knows?

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