Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Herewith some pictures of my paternal grandmother, Lillian Morley (Sigley) Tidd (1914-1 May 1980), who was often called Lee. The first is of her around age eighteen, possibly wearing her high school graduation dress. She was long-limbed, which is partly where my sister and I got our statures, though I perhaps also got my size from a maternal great grandfather, I was told.

Not sure when this picture was taken, but likely around 1940s, maybe early 1950s, when she was probably well into her career with the New Jersey department of education.

Taken in 1969, this photo is of my grandmother with my grandfather, Frank. Not sure where it was taken, but you can see her signature hairstyle. She was a classy and warm lady, a very loving grandmother.

Also 1969, this picture was taken during a visit to our home in Charleston, Edgewater Park. This is how I remember her most.

She would hate that I included this next picture, because it was taken about six months before she died, as she struggled with lung cancer and chemo therapy. The picture, I think, was taken at her last home, in Clermont, Florida. She was weakened, of course, but she remained vibrant and upbeat, and fun to be with even the last few times I saw her. She was the first person whose death affected me directly.

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