Monday, August 25, 2014


Tucked away in a soiled and worn, undated, un-notated brown envelope there was a small photograph of a child, appearing to be between the age of one month to six months perhaps, his/her feet bundled in knitted socks and wearing a white sleeping gown. The hair appears blonde, which would match a clipping also enclosed within the envelope. An accompanying card feature "Past Present and Future", a drawing or lithograph of three maidens in different stages of life. Who was this child? The photograph was take at John Bainbridge Art Studio, and establishment that existed (according to local historians) from 1878-1884, a rather manageable six years. The best candidate for me is it might be Emily Longmore (the first child of Cecelia and Charles Longmore), who was born in 1880 and died in 1887. She therefore would have been my great-great aunt. It is possible she could also be Elizabeth Laura Longmore (Sigley), who was born in 1882, or Hannah Lydia Longmore Hartpence, who was born in (1884). Somehow, though, because of the poignancy of the card, which seemed to hold a wish that there had been a longer life, I like to think it might be little Emily.

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